Two years ago, Fairfield Councilman Matt Garcia was slain by a man using a gun that was nearly discarded – it was purchased at a garage sale. That gun could have been collected at an event like this buy back.

To continue to honor and uphold Garcia’s mission to make Fairfield a safer city, The Matt Garcia Foundation is holding the 2nd Annual Gun Buy Back on Saturday, September 4, in conjunction with the Fairfield Police Department.

“This buy back is about encouraging people to turn in guns that they have no use for, that are stored in the backs of closets, that their grandpa left and grandma would never touch,” said Ray Courtemanche, The Matt Garcia Foundation supporter. “These are the very guns that unnecessarily get into the wrong hands and are used in crimes.”

You can participate in upholding the late Councilman’s legacy by turning in a gun, encouraging someone you know to turn in an unwanted gun, or by donating funds to The Matt Garcia Foundation to take more guns out of closets and potentially out of the hands of criminals.

To get involved, visit The Matt Garcia Foundation’s website at