A City of Los Angeles ordinance that targets violators of illegal dumping was amended and became effective on July 5, said Bureau of Street Services Director William A. Robertson, of the Department of Public Works.

“The ordinance now authorizes Bureau investigators to administratively fine violators based on evidence found in dumped trash that identifies a responsible party.”

Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 66.25 now imposes a graduated penalty of $500.00, $750.00 and $1000.000 for each successive violation in a 12-month period.

“A fourth violation would result in criminal prosecution as misdemeanor violation,” said Robertson.   

For details, search for Council File 08-1122 at www cityclerk.lacity.org.

“According to the code, it is illegal to dispose of any rubbish on public property without a permit from the Board of Public Works,” said Chief Street Services Investigator Gary Harris. “While our Bureau Investigators do perform surveillance and cite or arrest violators caught in the act of dumping, the problem is so pervasive that arrests alone cannot prevent illegal dumping City wide,” he added.

“In addition to proactive enforcement of criminal laws, there is a need to hold accountable those that are not observed and who cannot be prosecuted through conventional methods,” said Harris. “Using this administrative remedy helps us ensure that violators are held accountable.”

As a municipal enforcement agency, the Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division is primarily responsible for public property and protecting citizens from injuries and accidents that may occur as a result of hazardous and dangerous conditions existing on public property.

The Division enforces a variety of Municipal Code Sections and Board of Public Works regulations enacted to protect public property, ensure public safety, and minimize the City’s exposure to liability.