Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson announced on Tuesday that his program, “Sacramento Steps Forward” has provided permanent housing for more than 1,168 families.

Johnson set a milestone of 2,400 families to receive permanent housing by November 2012.

“I ran for mayor to make Sacramento a city that works for everyone. In these challenging economic times, I am proud to announce that the city, county and federal governments partnered with the faith community and service providers to house an unprecedented number of families,” Johnson said in a press release.

“This is regional collaboration at its best– working to give a hand up to the least among us. Building on this achievement, together we can step forward and end homelessness in the Sacramento region.”

“Sacramento Steps Forward” is Johnson’s initiative, launched in November, to determine solution to issues involving homelessness. The plan works as oversight to a 10-year plan to end homelessness adopted by the city and county in 2006.

According to the release, the initiative is guided by five goals: permanent housing, empowering services, regional advocacy, sustainable funding, and real accountability.