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It’s only been oh, what, a month, since Bell’s salary scandal broke? The cavalry in the state capital took its time, but it’s swarming Bell like a group of politicians being offered free Lakers tickets.

A group of mostly Democtratic lawmakers on Thursday announced a package of laws aimed at preventing the next Bell from happening.

This is bureaucracy at its best because, even though the state Attorney General and Controller are on the case, we need a bunch of new laws thrown at the mess. They include:

  • AB 1955, a bill that would prevent “excess compensation.”

  • AB 827, a bill that would prohibit unelected officials from getting automatic contract renewals — without public scrutiny.

  • AB 2064, a bill that would require the legislature, state constitutional officers, cities, counties, school districts and more to post officials’ annual salaries online.

  • AB 192, a bill that would require cities that hire another municipality’s officials with via 15 percent or more higher pay to cover the subsequent increase in pension payments.

  • SB 501, a bill that requires public officials to file a form that discloses their compensation.

  • AB 194, a bill that limits retirement benefits to 125 percent of salaries as recommended by the California Citizens Compensation Commission.

Asleep yet? We are.