Following the scandal of Bell, there’s been a lot of discussions about how city administrators plan to take action. The following notes came from last week’s meeting of city administrators from across the state, courtesy of a group of city managers within the meeting room.

  • The Initial part of the meeting revolved around the city of Bell compensation issue. A City Manager compensation committee will put together “guiding principles”  related to the issue.

  • Both the ICMA and the League of California Cities are distributing a salary survey requesting W-2 taxable compensation information.

  • There was concern from City Managers that a one-size-fits-all compensation formula would not work, given that each city varies in complexity, cost of living, political instability, etc.

  • There was a determination that former Bell City Manager (Godfather of the scandal) was a member of the ICMA. The issue is before the committee on professional conduct and action should be taken shortly.

  • Discussion regarding Prop. 22 and pension reform with further dialogue to come.

Ideas to further transparency include: 

  • Listing City Manager contracts on a Web site
  • Listing all employees earning $100k or more on a Web site
  • Listing all city salaries on a Web site
  • Clearly list salaries in a budget document