OK, it’s about time I admit it. I love the notoriety that both the city of Bell and its former City Manager Robert Rizzo have obtained. It’s piqued the interest of those who’d never heard of the city or even the position of city manager.

The superstar, who is the villain they call Rizzo, remains in the headlines, thanks again to the folks at the Los Angeles Times. Now, the story reads that the former Bell City Manager may have to give that money back.

According to a report by the times released late Tuesday night, Rizzo said his pay was lower than it was, and therefore some experts say his actions could invalidate his contracts and require that he repay money he earned.

From the Times:

“Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo went to considerable lengths to keep his huge salary secret, including actions that could invalidate his contracts and potentially require him to repay money he received, some experts believe.

According to records and interviews, the city of Bell and Rizzo himself represented his salary as being significantly lower than it was. When one councilman asked Rizzo about his salary last year, the city manager gave him a sum that was less than half the approximately $700,000 Rizzo was actually earning at the time.”

The Times story details multiple instances in which Rizzo inaccurately represented his true salary. Read the full story here.