Mayor Patricia Christensen of Port St. Lucie, Fla. was arrested Wednesday morning stemming from taking 2006 mayoral campaign funds for her personal account.

According to News Channel 5 WPTV, Christensen is charged with one felony count misconduct and one misdemeanor count of “disposition of surplus funds by a candidate.”

Christensen allegedly deposited nearly $3,800 of her campaign funds into her personal account to pay personal bills and expenses, reported News Channel 5.

Bail was set at $3,000, which she posted almost immediately.

Beginning the saga of Christensen’s Wednesday arrest is in June 2009. Campaign treasurer and husband, Frans Christensen, signed an agreement to pay $5,000 in fines to the Florida Elections Commission for campaign violations stemming from her 2006 mayoral campaign. The couple was found in violation for failing to report $1,500 worth of contributions from developers.

A formal complaint was filed with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after some research was done into Christensen’s fundraising documents.

What makes this story especially interesting is the involvement of the mayor’s son Erik.

Controversy continued between the police union and the mayor when Erik Christensen was arrested Aug. 20 for serving alcohol to a 15-year-old girl July 30 while his parents were out of town.

The mayor claimed the police arrested her 18-year-old son, in retaliation for supporting police layoffs as part of citywide budget cuts.

In congruence with the mayor’s decision, 24 police officers are set for layoffs and would leave their jobs after Friday, unless money is found or a deal is made with the union.

Robert Loup, the vice president of the Port St. Lucie Police Officers’ Association told News Channel 5, “This solidifies everything we’ve been fighting for. Hopefully, it will be a good thing and save police jobs.”

Port St. Lucie police say they had nothing to do with the mayor’s arrest.

Christensen resigned shortly after her arrest Wednesday morning.

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