A new Web site, BeaumontGate.org, is claiming that, “the city of Beaumont’s contract with Urban Logic presents a significant conflict of interest and therefore must be terminated.”

According to the site: Urban Logic has an exclusive agreement with the City to provide planning, economic development and public works services on a contract basis, which provides Urban Logic principals $15,000 per month to serve as the City’s Planning Director, Public Works Director and Economic Development Director.

Under their contract with the City, Urban Logic is paid a commission of up to 4.5% of the construction costs of both public and private development and public improvements. In addition, under a separate contract, Urban Logic is paid another 4.5% to provide construction management services for all public projects. Thus, Urban Logic is making commissions of 4.5% of the cost of all private development projects and 9% of the cost of all public projects. As such, they have personally profited from the City’s growth, and continue to profit every time a new development or public improvement is approved. They advise the City Council on which projects to approve, and then cash in when the Council takes action based on their recommendations.

See the web site here.