The Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station recently developed and implemented a new system for tracking crime tips.  Analysis of the first 30 days of the new crime tip tracking and investigation system has shown that the new program is working effectively and generating results.

Since implementation of the new crime tip program, 46 tips have been received and seven arrests have been made. 24 tips have been reviewed and closed, and 16 tips are actively being worked. The process is automated, provides a follow-up and accountability system, assigns specific sheriff’s personnel to each crime tip, and requires that tips are resolved in a timely manner.

“A significant benefit of this new tracking system is that many of the tips are directly assigned to field deputies, which allows for proactive enforcement efforts and immediate attention to suspected crimes and areas of concern in our community,” explained Captain Paul Becker.

The crime tips are obtained through two primary sources, Los Angeles Regional CrimeStoppers and station initiated leads.  The station coordinator analyzes the initial crime tips, logs pertinent information on the incoming tips and assigns them to the appropriate station investigator.  The assigned investigator is required to complete and close the tip within an established time period, ensuring all workable tips are thoroughly handled and investigated in a timely manner.  The completed tip is stored in a database for tracking, making it retrievable for further information or follow-up as needed.  

“Crime Tips is an effective public service program that ensures all concerns of our residents are being addressed in a timely manner and appropriate action is being taken,” said Mayor Laurene Weste.