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The city of Modesto will consider adopting a resolution that will implement an updated strategic plan as a guiding document for 2010-2013. (Full staff report can be found here.)

The resolution is from Interim Deputy City Manager, Dee Williams-Ridley written to the mayor and city council of Modesto.

In April 2010, the city council met for two strategic planning workshops, and met for a final workshop in August.  After these workshops a development of the cities vision, mission and values statement was made.

The council developed six strategic commitments that embrace the culture of service in Modesto.

These commitments are to:

1. Build and promote partnerships that engage neighborhoods and create a sense of community.
2. Provide a safe and inviting community in which to live work and visit.
3. Provide an innovative and accountable city government that embraces a
standard of excellence through adaptive leadership and responsive public
4. Foster a vibrant, competitive and diverse economic environment for business.
5. Champion education partnerships.
6. Promote Modesto.

This Strategic Plan is an updated version of a document from October 2001. The needs and resources of the City have drastically changed since that time, and as such, the City Council and City staff embarked on a new Strategic Plan that better reflects the resources available and the prioritization of those resources.

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