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We say good-bye to a good friend and leader. On Friday, Tom Ford, President of the CSAC Finance Corporation, retired.

Tom has served on the Finance Corporation Board of Directors since 1996, leading the organization for the past six years.  During his tenure on the Board, Tom made a number of significant contributions, including helping form the Investment Trust of California (CalTRUST) and serving on both the National Association of Counties and CSAC Deferred Compensation Advisory Committees as Chair.

Since he joined the CSAC Finance Corporation Board 15 years ago, Tom, through his dedication and leadership, helped increase corporation revenues from $403,000 in FY 96/97 to $4.2 million in FY 09/10.  These revenues have played an increasingly important role in CSAC’s operations, allowing the Association to provide new and enhanced member services while keeping dues increases to a bare minimum. He never stopped thinking of innovative ways to provide counties with financial services that save them money.

Tom previously served as the Treasurer-Tax Collector for Sonoma County before his retirement from county service a couple of years ago. Even after retirement, he has assisted counties with his experience and knowledge in the financial arena.

We wish Tom well with retirement. And we know that while he is leaving his post as Finance Corporation president, he will never be too far away.

Tom, on behalf of the entire county family, thank you for your years of hard work, dedication and leadership to California counties. A job well done.

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