The Los Angeles Times is reporting that officials in the city of Vernon billed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city for first-class flights, luxury hotels and limousines between 2005 and 2010.

Already among the top-paid local officials in California, records reviewed by the newspaper show lavish travel expenses billed to the city.

From the Times:

The records, which cover 2005-2010, detail lavish travel expenses billed to the city by its top executives, including then-city administrators Donal O’Callaghan and Eric T. Fresch. Some of the trips occurred as recently as this year, when the city laid off employees and canceled the life and health insurance benefits of city workers’ spouses and children because of budget problems.

Details of the travel expenses come amid growing scrutiny of the largely industrial city of roughly 90 residents, where top city attorneys and administrators received high salaries, most notably Fresch, who in 2008 earned more than $1.6 million. Revelations about the travel bills sparked criticism from some in the city.

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