A raise of $10,500 per month would sound exhorbenant for the CEO of a major company. But in a town like Bell, where the average resident would make as much in a year as that raise would provide in 10 weeks, it sounds even worse.

But honestly, what else do we expect from the people who were running/stealing from Bell.

It is important to recognize that its the Police Union and current policemen who are asking for the punishments.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Members of the police union in scandal-plagued Bell on Thursday demanded a deeper investigation of the city’s former police chief and the suspension of a police lieutenant who they suggest was rewarded an excessive salary and benefits because of his close relationship with former City Administrator Robert Rizzo.

Officers in the small, working-class city said they want the Los Angeles County district attorney to investigate whether former Police Chief Randy Adams helped squash an investigation into wrongdoing in City Hall and if he continues to have a relationship with officials in Bell.

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