The State may want high speed rail, and people may want high speed rail, but how close do they want it?

It’s a case of NIMBY (not in my back yard) when it comes to Menlo Park, and they’re willing to pay… for something. But appearently, they aren’t quite sure what.

From the Menlo Park Patch:

Menlo Park council members say he’s worth his monthly minimum of $5,000 and $325 per hour after that. The council is set to approve a second contract with Mehta tonight that will be paid through a $200,000 budget item created last fiscal year, Council Member Kelly Fergusson said. The agreement is not to exceed $80,000, according to a city staff report.

“He is our advocate in Sacramento,” Fergusson said. “He knows his way around the Capitol. Given the potential impacts of high speed rail, I think it’s crucial to have representation in Sacramento.”

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