So I read about 1,500 headlines per day from various newspapers from across the state. As I scan them, I look for topics that can help California’s Public CEOs stay informed.

The hope is that every now and again, I can find an article from one part of the state that directly correlates to challengs that are being faced in another.

It was a pleasant surprise when one of the headlines I saw was the Cotati City Manager’s update

I’m pulling out a few of the highlights here:

  • An update on how Measure A, a half-cent sales tax increase passed last April, has benefited the city and its residents.
  • The City and its Police Department reached an agreement on pension reform.

  • They’ve added funding for two police positions, a lieutenant and a police officer.
  • The search for a new police chief is still underway.

One piece written by the City Manager shared so much information with me, I want to say thanks.

But you can also treat this as a reference. If you have similar items on your agenda, talk to Dianne Thompson. She’s just been through all these things and may be able to help.

Read her full message here.