Despite a mild resistance from local government officials, the Attorney General’s office has requested the LA Superior Court appoint a monitor to oversee Bell’s finances and government, until an election can be held.

Some of Bell’s residents expressed some concern about the open-ended nature of the appointment, but Brown said that openness is paramount in a town as scandal-ravaged as Bell.

From the Imperial Valley News

In the case of the scandal-scarred city of Bell, Brown filed a motion in Los Angeles Superior Court asking for the appointment of a monitor to oversee the city’s operations to safeguard city finances and ensure the city is run in an open and transparent manner until next year’s election.

“In both cities,” Brown said, “independent scrutiny is essential in restoring public trust.”

“The public has suffered from raiders who plundered the city treasuries,” Brown added. “The people deserve to know that the guilty individuals will be held accountable and that their tax dollars will no longer be siphoned into exorbitant salaries.”

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