PublicCEO’s origins come from the idea of increasing openness, transparency, and cooperation between California’s local governments. To me, that sounds a lot like what CSAC is promising with its Round table Discussions at this year’s annual meeting.

From The County Voice:

Workshops have always been a mainstay of CSAC annual meetings.  We bring in experts on specific topics who spend 90 minutes or so talking to county leaders about the issue du jour. This year, though, we are including a pair of workshops that will follow a different format:  round table discussions.

These discussions will focus on two issues that have generated dialogue in opinions throughout our 58 counties: water and medical marijuana. During the two discussions, our members will be the experts. We expect the conversations to be lively, informative and opinionated. But they will only be successful if we hear the variety of viewpoints found around the state.

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Particularly important about this year’s discussion is the possible implications that the vote on Prop 19 will have on local governments. If it passes, it will fall to cities and counties to pass laws allowing, controlling, or prohibiting marijuana. This is not a test you will want to face alone.