Five San Bruno families have filed a lawsuit against PG&E seeking monetary damages for pain, suffering, and loss of life. They are also asking that the gas company be prevented from turning on the gas in their neighborhood again.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Five families victimized in the deadly natural gas pipeline rupture in San Bruno took their fight to court today, filing lawsuits against Pacific Gas and Electric Co. that ask not only for money but for the utility to be barred from turning the gas line back on in their neighborhood.

Those filing suit in San Mateo County Superior Court included Susan Bullis, 50, who lost her husband, her 17-year-old son and her mother-in-law in the Sept. 9 fire that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. Another victim, Christiane Chiramberro, 58, required skin grafts to treat burns on her face.

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