From The Examiner:

City employees no longer will receive terminal annual leave. During the 2 pm city council meeting on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, the members unanimously agreed to end the additional pay after government service for four unions.

The council amended municipal code article 3, section 23.1103.

Savings are estimated at $120,000 to $1.28 million. Former employees will not receive unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, pension savings, and other benefits.

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Editors Note:
While not landmark pension reform, every cost saving measure taken at the local level deserves recognition and commendation. I congratulate both the unions and th
e city for finding a solution that works.

The four unions are:

The Deputy City Attorney’s Association,
The International Asociation of Firefighters,
The San Diego Municipal Employees Association,
and the California Teamsters Local 911

The City had previously reached agreements with The San Diego Peace Officers ASsociation and AFSCME 127.