This article introduced me to the concept of Non-Revocable Parole, and then used a powerful story to demonstrate an extreme case of its potential unintended effects.

From The Oakland Tribune:

Alexander Diaz, a 36-year-old Cuban national, was released from California’s Delano State Prison in early February as a state-supervised parolee after serving four months of a 16-month sentence for grand theft. Five months later, Diaz went off the radar.

At some point, he traveled to Alameda County, where police said he stole a delivery van. They say Diaz was driving on the morning of Oct. 4 when the van slammed into Fremont police Officer Patrick Brower, pushing him and his motorcycle across two lanes of traffic into a light pole.

At the time of his arrest, Diaz was the beneficiary of “nonrevocable parole” status. California categorizes thousands of parolees as NRPs each month if they meet certain key criteria and are deemed “nonserious and nonviolent” offenders.

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