After dust from the election settles, across the state municipalities face the challenge of rebuilding council cohesion, following new visions for the future, and acclimating new to new personalities in old positions.

In Anaheim, Tom Tait was elected Mayor after a hiatus from the city’s government. And while he had previously served on the City Council, he faces new challenges and new opportunities.

In a conversation with the Orange County Register, Tait answers questions about the kind of leader he is going to be.

From the Orange County Register:

After a long Election Night and little sleep, Tom Tait woke up Wednesday morning with the realization he’d just been elected – by an overwhelming margin – to lead the state’s 10th-most-populous city.

Serving as Anaheim mayor virtually guarantees a spot at the table on a number of regional boards. Outgoing Mayor Curt Pringle serves on the powerful Orange County Transportation Authority board and as chairman of the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority.

Tait captured 56 percent of the vote in a three-person race. His nearest competitor had 31 percent.

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