After having borne the pains of 3% and 5% reductions in pay, employees of Elk Grove are looking forward to the end of the furlough program. 

It was an audit that ended up showing the City Council that their two-year furlough program could be ended earlier. As it turns out, the city is in $3 million dollars better shape than was expected.

From the Elk Grove Citizen:

Elk Grove City Manager Laura Gill told the Elk Grove City Council at its Nov. 10 meeting that the city will pull the plug on furloughs for non-represented employees at the end of the year.

The city implemented what was proposed as a two-year furlough program for the 2009-10 budget that started on July 1, 2009, with non-represented employees taking 64 hours of unpaid leave, or the equivalent of about 3 percent of their annual salary. For executive management staff, the amount of furlough time was 96 hours, or about 5 percent of their annual salary.

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