This is an intriguing narrative that offers action-by-actions taken by the Angels Camp City Council to combat a quarter million dollar budget deficit. 

Most of the times, I see reports that speak in the broadest generalizations. Used to spark interest and fear, I often find myself looking for more information. But in this case, the minutia is discussed, where they cut $1,000, where they decided to spend $345.

It’s fascinating, and worth a couple of minute view.

From the Calaveras Enterprise:

The Angels Camp City Council may vote on a budget at its Nov. 16 meeting, and spent the morning Tuesday discussing ways to climb out of the nearly $268,000 hole the city is in.

Now that memorandums of understanding with bargaining units in the city (including a last offer imposed on non-exempt employees after negotiations came to an impasse), the city was able to more clearly make its budget projections. The city is four months into fiscal year 2010-11, and city Finance Officer Melisa Ralston said Tuesday that, as it’s projected, the city is $267,789 in the red.

However, the city was able to fill a portion of that hole during its budget workshop Tuesday, and will hold discussions before the City Council meeting with three city groups to see if more can be cut.

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