The Los Angeles Housing Authority is something of a shadowy-government. Overseeing the housing for some of Los Angeles’s neediest residents, some see the agency as just a bureaucracy responsible for the housing.

The chief in charge of the agency, however, has a history of rooting out corruption in the public welfare system and dealing with problems within the tenant population. When nine people were served with notices of eviction from LA Housing Authority property, more than 40 showed up at Rudy Montiel’s house to picket and protest.

Now, Montiel says he fears for his safety and life.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Rudolf Montiel holds one of the biggest government jobs in Los Angeles, running a $1-billion-a-year agency responsible for sheltering more than 60,000 of the city’s neediest families.

He is also one of the city’s best-paid officials, with a compensation package of about $450,000 a year, including 10 weeks of vacation.

But despite his power and perks, in his six-year tenure Montiel has mostly flown beneath the radar – until a dust-up this month over a move to evict nine public housing tenants who picketed with others outside his Rancho Cucamonga home.

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