Embezzlement, Falsification, Grand Theft, and Burglary: these all seem like items that routinely cross the desk of a medium-sized city’s Risk Management desk.

In this case, however, it was the Risk Manager who was allegedly committing the crimes against the city, not trying to prevent them.

Darryl Phillips, who had been Risk Manager for the city for about two years, was arrested by police as a result of their investigation into $35,000 of stole city funds.

From the Los Angeles Times:

$35,000 in city funds by approving false claims against the city that had been submitted by alleged accomplices, the Fullerton Police Department said.

In addition to arresting Darryl Phillips, 45, police said they are looking for two people they believe were his partners in the scam: Tracy Williams of Los Angeles, Phillips’ 35-year-old cousin; and Darnell Mackey, 25, also of Los Angeles, who police say is Williams’ former boyfriend.

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