Sunset Beach may soon be part of Huntington Beach, but that won’t be reflected in its name or some of its ordinances, as negotiated in several pre-annexation agreements.

Part of the defining characteristics that make Sunset Beach unique include the junior life guard program and its name.

One thing that will be changing, however, will be the implementation of Huntington Beach’s more-restrictive regulations regarding medicinal marijuana dispensaries, alcohol, and treatment centers.

From the Orange County Register:

Huntington Beach is proposing to keep much of Sunset Beach’s identifying characteristics the same, but some major changes are on the horizon as the city prepares to annex the tiny community.

City Council members on Monday will consider approving three agreements before absorbing the 84-acre unincorporated community – an agreement with the Sunset Beach Community Association to lay out the terms of the annexation, a tax exchange agreement and a pre-annexation agreement with the county.

The agreement with the SBCA will allow Sunset Beach to keep some things in place, including its name, mailing addresses, parking rules and its green belt, a popular location for community events and gatherings.

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