After giving themselves the authority to veto other city agency and department decisions earlier this month, Los Angeles’ City Council exercised their authority broadly last week.

In a unanimous vote, the Council vetoed a decision by the nation’s largest utility district, the Department of Water and Power, to cut the size of the solar incentive program in the city.

They event went a step further, ordering the DWP to find a more efficient software for accepting and processing applications.

From the Solar Home and Business Journal:

In Los Angeles, the city council has voted to set aside a decision by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners to sharply reduce payout amounts in the city’s Solar Incentive Program.

The utility board had voted to trim the incentives to help keep the program from running out of money much sooner than planned.

The city council’s veto was sought by solar installers, who feared that lower incentives would stifle a growing solar market in Los Angeles, the economic fulcrum of a region that has suddenly become the world’s solar hotspot.

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