In Laguna Hills, the city council decided against any raises or bonuses for their city manager, Bruce Channing. 

But Channing, one of the highest paid city managers in the state, was eligible for a bonus of up to 10% of his salary. And while he met nearly all of the operational goals that were set out for him, public perceptions may have persuaded the city council to pass on them this year

From the Orange County Register:

The Laguna Hills City Council decided Wednesday night not to give City Manager Bruce Channing a bonus for his work in 2010 or a raise in 2011.

The council met to discuss Channing’s performance and compensation in closed session. During public comments ahead of the session, seven residents urged the council not to increase Channing’s salary. Among their criticisms: Channing is paid more than city managers in other municipalities with higher populations than Laguna Hills; public employees such as teachers have had to take pay cuts; the money could be put to better use hiring more police officers for the city.

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