The Los Angeles City Council had more than a couple of options before it for its March ballot. 

Their vote on Wednesday green-lighted seven of the 13 for immediate clearance onto the ballot. The six others failed to achieve a unanimous vote, which is required to place ballot initiatives, and must be re-voted upon next week. 

On the list of approved initiatives is a tax on medicinal marijuana, an increase in library funding, and a tax on oil extraction.

If passed, the oil extraction tax will add $1.44 to each barrel of oil extracted from Los Angeles county, a move that could raise more than $4 million per year. But don’t expect that to make too much of a difference at a pump, it works out to about $0.034 per gallon of crude oil. 

From the Los Angeles Times:

The Los Angeles City Council decided Wednesday to ask voters to impose a tax on oil producers, approve a revamped pension plan for newly hired cops and firefighters, and create a watchdog agency at the Department of Water and Power.

The council has moved this week to have L.A. voters consider as many as 11 measures on the March 8 city ballot.

The measures would appear on a packed ballot that will also include contests for seven council seats and four seats each on the Los Angeles Unified School District board and the L.A. Community College District board.

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