After the decision was made to shift the track design, leaving the rails short of San Rafael’s downtown district, red flags went up for County Supervisors.

With a $350 million funding shortfall, some of them felt that it’s time for a total project review, and take the time and slow down to determine what is the wisest course of action going forward.

I have to admit, slowing down on the first $395 million to make sure the next bit of funding is available sounds like a prudent move to me.

From the Marin Independent Journal:

Marin County supervisors, worried that plans by the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District could turn into a fiscal train wreck that leaves Marin in the lurch, urged rail officials to slow down for a detailed financial review.

The county board expressed disappointment that a $395 million plan for a rail line from Sonoma County will end at the Civic Center instead of continuing on to downtown San Rafael and Larkspur as voters were promised. That’s because rail officials put plans to serve key bus and ferry hubs in Marin on ice in light of a $350 million funding shortfall.

What’s more, eventual buildout of the line could give priority to two other Sonoma County segments, putting the critical San Rafael and Larkspur link in third place.

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