With all that’s gone wrong in Bell, it’s hard to figure out what the next steps will look like.

We know that there’s a recall election in March to oust the rest of the implicated officials. And I’m willing to be it’ll succeed. But who will take the reins next?

It’s a question that appears to be coming up now in Bell, and its answer is loud enough to have been heard by reporters in New York..

From the New York Times:

At first glance, it is difficult to tell anything is amiss at the tiny City Hall here. The waiting area is filled with people trying to argue their way out of parking tickets. A City Council meeting agenda is tacked on the bulletin board. And golden-framed portraits of council members are prominently displayed in the lobby.

But just to the right of those portraits is a gaping space where one council member’s image used to be. He was arrested in September, along with nearly all of the city’s top officials, charged with using the city’s coffers as their own, giving themselves top salaries and illicit low-interest loans.

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