Most cities in California sent delegations to the League of Cities convention in San Diego. It was an event full of training and networking, workshops and presentations. But to the average resident, the dollars spent may sound excessive. 

That seems to be the case in this report which includes local resident reactions to news of their what their cities spent to send leaders.

Of particular note is Rancho Cardova, a small city outside of Sacramento. They sent 14 officials to the convention, at a cost of more than $20,000.

It is important for all cities, especially those like Rancho Carrdova, to be ready to field questions from residents with specifics about the trip. What was learned; who attended, why did they attend; could the trip have been done cheaper; etc?

From CBS

The tough economy is forcing many Californians to cut back on travel. But more than 300 California cities spent thousands of tax dollars on a trip to San Diego in September. More than 1,500 government officials attended the three day conference of the League of California Cities.

The training classes did provide valuable information on everything from gangs to greenhouse gases.

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