San Jose’s medicinal marijuana dispensaries are running for cover, and the city isn’t offering much.

There are 88 dispensaries currently in San Jose, and in recent weeks they have become the subjects of county narcotics raids. The raids are meant to target those who abuse the system, or operate their dispensaries as a for-profit business – in violation of state law.

But even the law-biding dispensaries and patients are feeling the pressure, and some have begun to close.

The City Council says that they have no jurisdiction in the matter, and the medicinal marijuana community says it’s their fault for dragging their feet on creating regulations and zoning laws.

Next month, the conversation is set to begin on those subjects.

From the Mercury News:

Medical marijuana activists pleaded Tuesday for San Jose leaders to stop drug raids they say have sent a jolt of fear through cannabis providers and patients alike.

Drug agents in recent weeks have raided three local medical marijuana providers. Several other collectives, including Harborside Health Center, one of the area’s largest and best-established, have simply closed, fearing an imminent bust.

“How can you sit up there and take my rights away?” asked a tearful Aisha Alexander, 36, who told the City Council she uses marijuana to relieve breast cancer symptoms.

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