When the tenure of most City Managers is a few years, a 10-year manager is an establishment institutional knowledge.

The end of this year will mark the conclusion of John Driscoll’s public career. His role in Placerville has been rare. As a dual-purpose employee, he served as both City Manager and City Attorney. 

It’s actually a refreshing story to read, and I give compliments to everyone involved. Driscoll gave notice of his departure, and the City Council began searching for his replacement. In October, they identified Cleve Morris as his replacement and hired him. Since then, they have been working together to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of duties. 

When it seems that most people leave on these terms or that, I was happy to see such a well-executed and amicable departure and replacement.

From the Mountain Democrat:

The close of 2010 brings an end to the first decade of the new millienium and for retiring Placerville City Manager/City Attorney John Driscoll it’s been a challenging and rewarding 10 years.

“Ten years is a long time for a city manager,” said Driscoll, 66. “The usual is about four years, but it’s time for a new outlook and fresh ideas. The change will be good for the city.”

Driscoll, whose last day in his dual position is Dec. 30, came on board as city manager in 2000. He had been the city attorney since 1989 and, in order to save the city money, asked if he could do both jobs.

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