Ranked Choice Voting, which has been covered here on PublicCEO several times, created some confusion in Oakland on Tuesday.

Voters, for the first time, faced the option of casting three ballots for Mayor.

From The Oakland Tribune:

A steady stream of Oaklanders showed up at the polls this morning and voting rolled along smoothly, though many voters struggled with the new ranked-choice voting system in the mayoral race.

The day dawned bright and clear as Oakland voters decided on a variety of issues, including choosing between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman for governor, legalizing nonmedical marijuana, suspending AB 32, which aims to reduce California’s greenhouse gas levels, and choosing a new mayor. The latter process was a challenge for many.

“It’s confusing,” said Diana Toutjian, 57, of the new system. “I voted three times for the same person,” said Toutjian, who voted at Piedmont Avenue School.

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