Websites are valuable informational portals, but are a luxury most commonly afforded to incorporated communities.

The county of Alameda, however, is taking steps to ensure that everyone in its boundaries are kept up-to-date with current affairs, upcoming meetings, and potential ordinances.

Its new website went live, with its full calendar and other resources, this month.

From the Oakland Tribune:

Residents in the Alameda County’s unincorporated areas now have their own little spot on the Web.

This month, county officials unveiled its new unincorporated communities website. The site includes things such as new and pending ordinances and upcoming meetings that involve the areas of Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, Fairview, Hillcrest Knolls and San Lorenzo.

“Cities always have websites, but residents in the unincorporated areas now have somewhere to go, too,” said Seth Kaplan, Supervisor Nate Miley’s chief of staff, who helped spearhead the new site.

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