Currently, it is a multi-step process to be appointed to a city board or commission, involving an application, screening-process, and vote at an open meeting. 

And after Tuesday night’s meting, that’s mostly how it will remain.

There had been a push by one of the City Councilman to reduce the number of applicants for each board vacancy. The concept was to allow each board member to submit one person per vacancy, and then whittle the list down from there.

But the proposal left unanswered questions, so the board decided to maintian the current approach, with some small changes.

Now, instead of a hand vote, a written ballot will be provided to each council member at the meeting for all candidates.

From the Chico Enterprise Record:

The Chico City Council will make minor adjustments to the way it selects members for the city’s boards and commissions, deciding to consider more substantial changes at a later date.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the council reviewed the process it follows to appoint volunteers to the various city boards and commissions.

Part of that discussion included a proposal by Councilor Mark Sorensen to have each councilor appoint one person to each board and commission.

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