Financial constraints has the County of Contra Costa facing a difficult decision: cutting from emergency services. 

After determining how to maximize savings while minimizing the affects to the average resident, the Board of Supervisors has identified one fire engine and three firefighters that will be cut, saving the county nearly $800,000 per year.

From the Contra Costa Times:

The number of firefighters stationed in downtown Walnut Creek will be cut in half next month if the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors votes Tuesday to approve the reduction.

Right now, there are six firefighters — two engine companies — on duty at all times at Station 1 on Civic Drive in Walnut Creek. On Jan. 1 that would be cut to three firefighters — one engine company — if supervisors approve Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Chief Daryl Louder’s recommendation.

The cut would be the first of a series of possible station closures Louder outlined last month to cope with the district’s $12 million budget deficit.

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