Bed bugs are becoming a public health problem across the country.  Consider the following have happened in the last month:
A Republican and a Democratic member of Congress hosted a Congressional Bed Forum on November 19th in Washington DC.  Read more here.
New York Juicy Couture, a fashion retailer had to close doors for a few days this week after employees found bed bugs.  Read more here.  That can’t be good for holiday shopping business.

Now, a few months after being named as one the the top 10 cities with the most bed bugs (Read more.) , the LA Times is reporting that Los Angeles County is seeing 55 cases reported per month.  Read more here.

So as people begin to prepare to move around for the holidays we should expect the number of reports to county health departments to increase as these little parasites love to travel in lugage, are common in hotels, and can go for more than a year without eating.

The reality is that these little critters are more common in lower income areas but are still a problem everywhere.

For more information than you might ever want to know about bed bugs go to  They even have a charity that aims to rid facilities of bed bugs during the holidays.