Monday will bring the swearing-in of a new Legislature that is not exactly inheriting a wonderful set of circumstances.

Those of us in local government have some friends taking positions in state government.

Consider this.

Senate District 1 is open due to the death of Senator and former County Supervisor Dave Cox.  The two candidates to replace him are Assemblyman and Former Placer County Supervisor Ted Gaines and Rancho Cordova City Councilman Ken Cooley.

Senate District 2 will be filled by former Santa Rosa City Councilwoman and Assemblywoman Noreen Evans.

Senate District 12 is being vacated by new Congressman Jeff Denham but filled by Ceres Mayor Anthony Canella.

Senate District 16 will be represented by former Kern County Supervisor Michael Rubio.

Curren Price will be the next Senator in District 26. This current Assemblyman spent two terms on the Ingelwood City Council.

Senator-elect Juan Vargas in District 40 spent six years in the Assembly and seven years on the San Diego City Council.

In the Assembly, Roger Dickinson served on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Susan Bonilla was on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, Bob Wieckowski served on the Fremont City Council, Rich Gordon is a past President of CSAC, Nora Campos served on the San Jose City Council, Kristin Olsen is the former Vice-Mayor of Modesto, Luis Alejo served on the Watsonville City Council, Henry Perea has been on the Fresno City Council and ran for Mayor, Katcho Achadjian is a former SLO County Supervisor, Das Williams comes directly from the Santa Barbara City Council, Roger Hernandez spent seven years on the West Covina City Council, Allan Monsoor worked for Orange County as a Deputy Sheriff and Costa Mesa City Council, Toni Atkins was termed off the San Diego City Council in 2008, Brian Jones was elected to the Santee City Counci in 2002, and Ben Huseo was the President of the San Diego City Council.

We also have a new Governor that was the Mayor of Oakland, Lt. Governor that was Mayor of San Francisco, Insurance Commissioner is a former Sacramento City Councilman, Attorney General is the former District Attorney of San Francisco, and Superintendent of Public Instruciton that served on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. This does not even take into account the numerous other Legislators that won re-election.

So what does this all mean?  We have state officials that should understand the idea of local control.  There really is no excuse for these people to adopt policies that are hostile to our purpose.

Time to steps up folks.