According to a letter sent to the city council, then-interim city manager Charlie Long was accused of hurting one city councilman’s business before being fired a few days later.

It remains unclear what actions Long had taken that could impact the councilman’s waste-to-energy business.

This is one of the latest chapters in the bizarre departure of Long, which includes the colorful resignation of the city’s assistant city manager.

From the Contra Costa Times:

The sudden termination of Hercules Interim City Manager Charlie Long this month came just days after a councilman’s outburst accusing Long of harming his business, according to letters obtained by Bay Area News Group.

Long said he met with Councilman Ed Balico on Dec. 2 to discuss the need for a meeting five days later to address the urgency of the city’s financial condition.

“He (Balico) angrily told me not to publicly release information on the city’s financial condition, saying that such information was hurting his business relationships in marketing his waste-to-energy recovery equipment to other cities,” Long wrote to the City Council on Friday. “He (Balico) also said that such information undermined his advancement in several regional agencies.”

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