Congressman Dennis Cardoza of Merced is upset about the proposed route of the California high-speed rail system.  The first 54 miles of the route is set to go from Borden near Highway 99 at the Madera-Fresno County line to Corcoran.

So why are people all upset?Just look at the map.  Transportation routes can determine economic life and death for communities.

Consider the path of Highway 99 in the Tulare County area.  Compare the size of cities/communities like Woodville, Orange Cove, Hughson.  They are off the beaten path and struggle with any kind of economic development. 

Meanwhile, Kingsburg and Selma have a chance to make something happen.

This high-speed rail system is important to the connect our two major metropolitan areas in California.  It is also important to select a route that well serves the existing communities along the way.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is picking economic winners and losers with the routes.  Billions of dollars of land value is at stake.

PublicCEO does not have proposed route but we are very aware that the route means a tremendous amount to communities like Fresno, Chowcilla, and Corcoran.  These people need to have the chance to be part of the process.

We hope that the Commission listens.