The battle for the health and safety of Californians, and in this case the residents of South Los Angeles, has taken on a new campaign. 

Citing the necessity of the efforts against lead paint and second hand smoke, the LA City Council has now passed permanent restrictions upon fast food restaurants in certain neighborhoods of the city.

The argument is that by reducing the number of available un-healthy options, supermarkets, sit-down restaurants, and other healthier options can be developed. 

From the Los Angeles Daily News:

The city’s battle against the proliferation of fast food chains in South Los Angeles won another victory Wednesday when the City Council severely limited the opening of new eateries.

In a 13-0 vote, the council approved an amendment to its general plan putting tough limits on new fast food operations in a 32-square mile area covering South Los Angeles, West Adams, Baldwin Hills and Leimert Park.

“This will help us have more healthy food choices in South Los Angeles,” said Councilwoman Jan Perry, who has led the effort over the past two years. “This will allow for more development in our communities.“

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