Hard work, long hours, and loyalty are all qualities that ought to be rewarded. Whether in the private sector or the public, thy are valuable traits. 

However, asking for raises at times like these, when voters are facing higher taxes and lower wages, or residents are out of work entirely, is crazy.

If it had happened three months ago, I would have called it political suicide.

Maybe it’s the holiday season and it has Councilwoman Parnnell feeling particularly giving, perhaps she felt that towards the end of the year such a request would be covered less and read by fewer people, or perhaps she simply didn’t care.

But at a Council Meeting, she requested raises for two of the city’s employees, who already made $200,000+ and $100,000+ each anyway.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Perhaps Bonnie Pannell is overflowing with holiday spirit.

The four-term Sacramento City Councilwoman wants to give raises to two of the city’s highest-paid employees, despite historic budget deficits and the persistent threat of layoffs at City Hall.

Suggesting it’s not only a matter of fairness but also gender equity, Pannell is calling for a council discussion over granting pay hikes to City Attorney Eileen Teichert and City Clerk Shirley Concolino.

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