Residents of Santa Monica’s six neighborhoods all face varying issues and different challenges.

Balancing the needs of so many interests can be overwhelming, but City Manager Rod Gould has taken several weeks, going into each neighborhood and discuss the state of the city as well as plans for its future.

The meetings were well attended and Gould left them with a good sense about how residents received city services, and how he could work to improve them going forward.

From the Santa Monica Mirror:

Over the past few weeks, City Manager Rod Gould has been meeting with different neighborhood groups (six in all) to discuss Santa Monica’s economic outlook, problems, and solutions.

With the meetings now ended, the process of analyzing the problems of each neighborhood begins.

“I had been told early on, as I was researching Santa Monica, that people enjoyed these meetings with the City Manager and staff each year and that they were well-attended,” Gould said regarding his impressions of the meetings. “That proved to be accurate. Each meeting brought out 30 or 40 people or more. I was also impressed that so many City employees came of their own volition.”

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