Sometimes it just takes one person.

As the year winds down we will be watching numerous public officials retiring after careers that have made huge impacts on the communities they serve.

The San Diego Union Tribune
had a feature on Sunday about retiring Councilwoman Donna Frye.  A few years ago she almost became Mayor.  This is a woman that was motivated by her distrust for City Hall and turned that into policies that dealt with transparancy.  Frye was known as a surfer although she has not been on a surf board in years.

On Saturday night at UC Davis hundreds gathered to celebrate the careers of Davis School Board Member turned Yolo County Supervisor turned Assemblywoman turned Supervisor Helen Thomson. This is a woman that has made major changes in state and local policy regarding mental health care and land use.  She began her professional career as a nurse and used that experience to shape her policy.  More about Thomson.

These are just two examples of people that have stepped into the public process and made a difference.  They are both proof that sometimes it takes just one person.
Who is that person in your community that can make a difference by having the coutage to take a stand?

Please send us other examples of people that are winding up public service careers that should be recognized after years of service.