While most cities are seeking ways to cut costs, even making cuts from benefits packages, Berkeley is taking a different approach.

The city council has decided that in February, the City should answer the question: Should the City of Berkeley cover sex change operations for its employees.

The proposed plan would set aside $20,000 per year to cover the operations.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

A plan before the City Council to set aside $20,000 a year for city employees who want to have a sex change operation was tabled until February so wording of the proposed policy can be refined.

The move at last night’s council meeting comes three and a half years after the City Council asked city staff to study the idea and return with a plan in six months. That was in May of 2007.

After discovering that it would be too expensive to include the surgery in its Kaiser or Health Net plans, the city decided to cover it out of its own pocket, wagering that not many employees will want sex-change surgery.

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