This excerpt from the California League of Cities analysis of the Governor’s Budget proposal has a decided lack of ambiguity.

The introduction contains a both broad and specific condemnations of the Governor’s budget, before delving down into a service-by-service analysis of the impacts that shifting responsibilities and realignment would have on the cities.

From the League of Cities:

This proposal will hurt our underserved and distressed cities and communities. It will cost California thousands of jobs. The reality is that the plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies will bring very little financial benefit to the state and will actually move the state backward in terms of land use and infill development. In addition, the League is reviewing the constitutionality of the realignment proposal under Proposition 22, and other constitutional provisions.

Just a mere two months ago, California voters picked their way through a crowded ballot and approved Prop. 22 by 61 percent, a measure designed to protect various local revenues – including redevelopment – from state raids. The voters’ position on this issue was no surprise because repeatedly they have voted to protect local revenue from the state – take for example Prop. 1A of 2004, which passed by more than 80 percent. Moreover, poll after poll demonstrates that voters view their local governments as much more accountable and trustworthy than the state.

While other states, and even the federal government, are working to stabilize and revitalize our economy, the proposal to eliminate enterprise zones and redevelopment agencies move California in the opposite direction.

Read the whole report here.