After deciding in 2004 that the city would benefit by contracting out its police force, Councilman Steve Di Memmo wants to reopen its own police force.

The contract that they agreed to six years ago, in his opinion, has cost the city money and not delivered enough services.

His proposal, which would cost between $10 million (for the first year) and $8 million (in subsequent years), would place additional officers in schools, while still providing for the community’s total policing needs.

With detectives, gang units, patrol officers, administration, internal affairs, and more; Di Memmo’s plan is comprehensive.

From the Valley Chronicle:

Steve Di Memmo wants San Jacinto to scrap its contract with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and set up its own police department.

Di Memmo contends in a 30-page document he presented to fellow members of the San Jacinto City Council on Dec. 6 that the city could save money and have more officers if it re-established a local police department.

In a budget Di Memmo later said he developed in consultation with several active and retired law enforcement officers, he said the city would have to spend about $10.2 million the first year for salaries, equipment, insurance, and other expenses.

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