James Spencer, my esteemed predecessor and Editor ‘Emeritus’ of PublicCEO couldn’t stay away from local government. 

In Sacramento, it seems local government has trouble staying away from us, too.

In his article, written for the News and Review, James discusses the latest move by Sacramento parking enforcement: enforcing the rules until 2 A.M.

From the Sacramento News and Review:

They’re mounting. Those white envelopes of frustration found tucked under windshields of Sacramento’s parking offenders are on the rise.

Revenue collected by the city of Sacramento Parking Department has increased by nearly 30 percent over the past five years. The number of citations issued has risen by 16.9 percent in that same time. City officials say the ramped up enforcement is in response to requests, but businesses and residents say the new strategy is too much.

In fiscal year 2009-10, the city collected nearly $8.5 million in revenue from parking citations, up nearly $2 million over the past five years, according to records from the city. Citations issued have climbed from 201,196 in 2005-06 to 235,196 in 2009-10.

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